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Numbers in computers

Learn about computer number systems & stand out from the crowd. Everything you need to know about numbers, numeric types (eg floats) & how to use them. Number systems & fundamentals, integers, floating point, fixed point, precision/range & more!

A complete course for software developers of all skill levels. Avoid being bitten by rounding and precision bugs, be ready for interview questions involving number types and write better software.

Code to Electrons

Go on a journey & see what happens when our source code runs, right down to the electrons moving around the CPU

As developers we miss out on the amazing things that happen inside the computer when we run our code. From the parsing and compiling of the code, to the way the computer executes the code in a safe way, to how the CPU actually functions to do the amazing things it does, right down to the electrons flowing around the silicon of the processor.

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Somm’s Notes

Somm's Notes is a website where you can discover new wines, read reviews, and learn about wine as a whole. Stef became a sommelier out of love for all things wine. This is her blog and collection of wine notes.

For me it has been my first foray into the world of programmatic SEO, and a chance to learn so much about wine!